Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Trying New Things

      I love trying new products whether it be health and beauty items, household cleaners, or food!  I'm a member of a few different sites where I get to sample items for free in exchange for my feedback and for my sharing with others.  Today's post is about one such site called Smiley360.  I have been a member of Smiley360 for just over a year and have tried many different products.  My favorite Smiley mission thus far has been trying out OxiClean 2 in 1 stain fighter liquid.  Simply because I like doing laundry and love it when stains are removed!  It costs nothing to be a member of this site and not only do you get to try things for free but the samples are full size products.  So the OxiClean  I tried was something like a 60 oz. bottle.  More than enough to decide if you like the product or if it works or not!  Here is the link where you can sign up for Smiley360.

What It's All About

         I decided to start a blog because not only do I like to write but I like to share!  I'm always being asked how or where I find all the frugally delicious things that are my frugal reality!  So I've decided to share my frugal reality and show you how to Frugal Your Reality!  Not all posts will be on the topic of frugality and some may just be posts on the latest recipe that has been at hit at my house or something else that is share worthy.  I've been known to be somewhat comical so I can assure you whatever that it is I'll be posting will at least leave you with a chuckle.
          Now that I've told you what this blog here is all about I guess I could introduce myself and share a little about myself for those of you that don't know me.  Those of you that do know me well, maybe you'll learn something new!lol   My name is Jennifer Fryar  and I currently live in what I like to refer to as Smaller Town, Arkansas.  I say this because I've always lived in Arkansas and grew up in a small town but now live in a much smaller town.  Hence, Smaller Town, Arkansas. Let's just say I like to keep to myself  for good reasons!
           Enough about that though!  I'm sure I can find something less trivial and more exciting to talk about like the fact that I'm a work from home Mom.  The work part isn't so exciting but with the Mom part there is never a dull moment!  I currently am an Ebay seller. Here is my Ebay link Jennifer on Ebay  I've been doing this off and on since about 2009.  I sell various items on Ebay from clothing my boys have out grown to collectibles I've acquired.  All I can say for now is I'm amazed at what some will buy and how much they are willing to pay!  In November 2013 I became a boutique owner for Kitsy Lane.  I have my own online boutique where I sell jewelry and accessories.  Here is the link if you would like to check it out and if you have any questions or would like to open your own boutique feel free to contact me anytime!
J~Dee's Boutique  I'll post more on this later as well!
            Now for the Mom part well I'm the Mom of two boys a 14 and almost 11 year old.  They are as different as night and day but equally lovable especially when they are not trying to fight with one another!  Don't worry I'm sure there will be many posts having something to do with the Joys of Motherhood or my lack of sanity which, I lovingly like to refer to it sometimes!  All in all I wouldn't trade a single moment of it for anything!  Without my boys I wouldn't know how to be frugal or may not even have the need to be so frugal.  I've learned a lot because I do have kids and I'm not only happy to pass along what I've learned to them but to my readers.  There is plenty more I could share but I don't want to bombard you with too much so soon!
I guess I will close with that and I hope you'll come back and join me later.

                                   Have A Blessed Day,